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Dear Mr. Aymie,


I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for supporting all our staff and students and helping them to better understand our students with autism. The professional development that you gave to the teachers about autism was outstanding. I received so much positive feedback about it, and I truly believe that it made a huge impact on our staff and our school. The principal loved it so much, he asked you to come back and give the same workshop to the teacher's assistants! Additionally, the social emotional learning classes that you delivered to the general education classes (to the classes that have one or more students in their class with autism) were wonderful. Thank you for continuing to visit our school often and checking in to see how else you can support us. Your assistance and support mean so much, and we are so grateful to have you there to support our school and our students with autism. You are literally changing kids' lives! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

All the best,

Miriam Feigelstock, M.S.

Resource Specialist

Charles H. Kim Elementary School

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