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From Chaos to Calm

Calm Productive Inclusion for Any Community

  • 2 hours
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Service Description

From Chao to Calm is a dynamic workshop that helps create a culture of calmness, inclusion, and productivity for all. Participants will gain an overview of the ways the Neurodiverse community presents in the workplace, classroom, and at home. They will develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and strengths of autism- spectrum disorder (ASD), and the supports and accommodations that help build a harmonious learning, work or home environment. Learning about the possible environmental conditions and behavioral triggers that can lead to more challenging behaviors for our community members on the spectrum, workshop participants will learn evidence-based practices that can redirect challenging behaviors, alleviate anxiety and support all. Participants will: * Gain an understanding of the strengths and challenges of the neurodivergent learner and how autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can present itself. * Develop proficiency in creating and supporting an environment that best supports our community members on the autism spectrum. *Create a “toolbox” of supports, tools, and evidence-based practices that support the ASD learner. *Understand the most important and essential guiding principle in alleviating challenging behaviors in the classroom

Contact Details

(424) 272-1837

Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA

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Teach the Spectrum
Empowering the Neurodivergent Community

Teach the Spectrum

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