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Supporting the Neurodivergent community at Home and School

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"Everything about this session was great! Great info! Great presentation!"
                           - Attendee CTA SPED 2022
Alan will be presenting at:

10/06/2023 - CTA Special Education Conference

11/04/2023 - CTA New Ed
ucator Weekend - North
02/24/2024 - CTA New Educator Weekend - South

            HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!


I founded TeachtheSpectrum in 2016 to educate parents and teachers, support students, and provide compassionate life coaching for the neurodivergent community.   With over 25 years experience in education, coaching, and autism advocacy, I am committed to the belief that knowledge, compassion, and a committment to social-emotional learning are effective tools to support our Neurodivergent student community. For the past three years, I have presented at the California Teachers Association's Special Education Conference to support educators, administrators, and school staff in creating safe, nurturing inclusive learning environments.  If you would like to learn how I can support you, your child, or school site, please schedule a free 15 minute consultation.


Miriam Feigelstock, RSP

Dear Mr. Aymie,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for supporting all our staff and students and helping them to understand our students with autism better. The professional development that you gave to the teachers about autism was outstanding.

I received so much positive feedback about it, and I truly believe that it made a huge impact on our staff and our school. Your assistance and support mean so much, and we are so grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.​​

All the best,

Miriam Feigelstock, M.S.

Resource Specialist

Annie Wilson, Cedars Sinai

Dear Alan,

I want to thank you for taking the time to present your terrific play.  I heard so many wonderful things and the evaluations were terrific!  Here were a few of the comments:

*The performance exceeded my expectations.

*The play was touching, educational and excellent.

*This was an outstanding.

You made a real impact on our participants. Thank you for offering such a wonderful and educational experience.


Suzanne Silverstein;Founding Director

Cedars Sinai Psychological Trauma Center

Dr. Iraiz Ynigo, Principal

Dear Mr. Aymie,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the support you provided to our staff members last year. Your focus on positive reinforcement and strategies to support students with Autism was timely and invaluable. Your wealth of knowledge about student behavior and classroom management addressing individual student needs was incredible. Your coaching strengths and passion for equity and access really shine through your dedication and commendable work ethic. Thank you for making a viable difference in the lives of so many teachers and students. Your patience, knowledge, positive disposition, and dedication was very much appreciated.​


Dr. Iraiz Ynigo - Principal


“Thank so much for sharing with us!  Great information!  I was taking notes like crazy!  ”
                                                                                           - M Espinoza ( Special Education)

“Thank you so much!!!!   You were my favorite presenter at the conference :)”​ - Alana Y. (FSUSD RSP)


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Teach the Spectrum
Empowering the Neurodivergent Community

Teach the Spectrum

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